1. Very sensible policy here, Doug. While I haven’t laid mine out as neatly as yours, it’s not all that different. I do use Facebook’s granular tools for sharing certain updates with just certain connections/lists. But … that’s generally for not boring/bothering everyone else rather than any expectation that that information will assuredly stay private.

    As for my kids, I tend to mention and show photos of my younger son more than of my teenage daughter. Some of her photos are also password-protected on Flickr.

  2. “Neatly?” Thanks, that’s cool that the writing actually made sense.

    Your policy is a god reminder– I’m thinking that my pre-teen son will soon be old enough to be public, but I want him to make those choices, and sensibly.

    i don;t use the granular Facebook policy, but mostly because the way I present myself online is a “you see what you get” intentional mingling of personal and professional. I want those worlds to collide. Some folks don’t

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