Pan-Mass Challenge Update; 30-Miler, Fundraising & Telling Equipment Who’s Boss

As April rolls to a close, I am happy to say many of you have already helped me raise $1,790 for my Pan-Mass Challenge ride to benefit the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. That’s way ahead of last year’s pace, but at 42% (of the $4,200 minimum goal) we still have a way to go. Those of you who would like to help beat cancer by sponsoring at any amount, please go to– and thank you!

Also, a big thank you coming for the Ban Asbestos Now folks. In exchange for helping raise awareness of their petition to ban cancer-causing asbestos, they will be making a donation to sponsor me as well.

Despite travel and the usual April weather, I actually got four outdoor rides done this month. For the most recent ride with my training group, we went our normal early short ride, only to get to the halfway point and say, “That felt short. Let’s keep going.” We did, adding a short leg to bring our ride to just under 30 miles, a significant (almost milestone) as we get ready to start doing rides of 40 miles and longer in May.

Also, I fought through a balky front derailleur, which had been sticking. My fix? I kicked it until it shifted properly. That’s going to lead to some very bad habits and come back to bite me later I’m sure, but it worked.\I also fought a dying camera battery (I think the rechargeable battery in my Flip camera is coming to a premature end) to capture a little flavor of our first (almost) 30-mile ride of the season. I also wouldn’t mind making some of my shots a little less shaky, but I’ll figure something out.

Pan-Mass Challenge: First 30-mile Training Ride, April 25, 2010 from Doug Haslam on Vimeo.

The PMC is a charity ride in which we raise money to benefit the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. 100% of the finds we raise passes through directly to the charity. Last year riders raised $30 million, and over 30 years that figure has totaled $270 million!

Please help me fight cancer by sponsoring my ride at :, and help by spreading the word. April is almost done as I write this, and would love to go out on a high note.

Thank you!

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