Getting Impatient with Social Media


I attended Radian6’s "Social Media Rockstars" Social CRM (Customer Relationship Management) event last night, and confirmed one thing:

I am getting impatient.

I’m impatient for social media tools and strategies to be considered- intuitively- part of the whole company fabric, rather than some special new thing.

I’m impatient for social media-themed events to get more practical in integrating the concerns of the people who supposedly don’t "get it."

I’m impatient to see the tables turned- to go to events run by people outside of the social media "cliques" (populated by friends & colleagues whom I love dearly by the way) and discuss social media in the enterprise there.

I know this stuff is happening. I just need to capture it for myself. I sometimes feel the social media groups have talked themselves out and we need to widen the circle- to dive more deeply.

Anyone else getting impatient?

UPDATE: It’s worth mentioning that I had a short talk with Eric Schwartzman at the Social CRM event, in which he described the hungry, active, members of the U.S. government and military branches and NGOs, who perhaps are the organizations that are the most curious (about social media) organizations out there. Ironic? Maybe

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  1. here, here, doug, though for me my impatience is in seeing the marketing concept not being implemented. And Social CRM is an example of that.

  2. Hi Doug,

    Was really glad to have you at the event. And I do appreciate your perspective about needing to get social media outside the fishbowl.

    We believe very much that in order for social communications to succeed, it has to be woven into an entire business, not just treated as a new-fangled marketing tool. The implications are broader than that. And it’s important that we as stewards of some of these practices can bring them – practically – to those who are still figuring out what this is about.

    Thanks for the insights and discussion. Would love to talk more about that with you anytime.

    Amber Naslund
    Director of Community, Radian6

  3. Doug,

    In my daily discussions with companies, the typical brand (when you look past the handful of leading edge companies in social media like Comcast), is not that comfortable with this whole area just yet. They are getting there, but for now this is one of the main reasons SM providers need to invest in hosting events to drive industry awareness and education. Sure it drives new business too, but we’ll know when this industry is 100% legit when there no longer is a need for special events to talk about it. Personally, I think there any plenty of additional ways we could all do a better job of driving education and learning around social media analytics and brand engagement, but that’s a discussion for another day.

    Mike Spataro
    SVP, Client Strategy
    Visible Technologies

  4. Amber– I have no doubt that Radian 6 has the entire CRM (in the context of the event & new product) department in mind. I think I’m just getting impatient to see the people outside our normal group to start hashing out these ideas in public. It will happen. btw– great to finally meet you last week!

    Mike, I understand the need for the typical brands to get more comfortable- -as I just wrote above, I’d like to see their discomfort aired at these events, so both sides (such as they are) can talk about where they intersect- and integrate. Yes we still need special events, but I think we need to keep dragging more new people to them (and we need to be better about going to the o”old” ones- where are we at the Mass TLC and MITX events? Are we there enough? I’m not)

  5. I was working for a law firm in downtown Denver back in the 80’s and I remember when the fax machine was revolutionizing the way we did business. I was at every partner meeting and staff meeting wondering why we had yet to pull the trigger on this huge game breaking technology. It was not because they didnt understand its importance but because it was new. They didn’t like new as it was too much of a disruption. The thing that got them over the hump? They could charge $10 for every page they sent through the tube. I think once the companies begin to see how it will impact their business and how if will help or hurt, they will begin to weave it into their company fabric.

  6. One word: fear. Social Media seems like PR buzz. We know it’s not but many companies and organizations are afraid to launch anything new in this economy. I believe as we emerge from current economic slow-down, more embracing of SM will happen. Until then, we do what we need to do and focus on that bottom line for our clients.

  7. Anonymous blogs and commenters are the biggest problem. It gets in the way of being open, honest, and authentic. It is also an indicator of how poorly and rudely we treat each other… civility and politeness have been lost. As an online society, we are timid… we say and write things to each other online that we would never say orwrite in person.

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