1. I should admit that I came in late last night, around 7pm.

    My observation when I first came in was “wtf”? I missed the memo, didn’t read the description of the event and was unprepared for structured discussion and worksheets. Now reading back over the emails (my fault) I see it was explained prior.

    So still at first I was a little taken back and just simply not quite sure if things were going to get interesting. The tallys and voting at first threw me off I’ll admit. I am a poor student, and this seemed like class

    I was excited to see that the whole thing did turn out pretty well however, and some interesting conversation occurred. I feel that a few people kinda monopolized the room, but that’s just their personalities. I heard some interesting things, and took some things into consideration. I can see that to a large degree I still sit outside of the “social media” framework since I am one of the few people not actively working for a company that working with it is their main objective/business goal.

    Overall however it was fun. Not as socially interactive as I would have liked, but perhaps more informatative than most events.

  2. Hi David, you must be referring to the Social Media Club event that took place after the SNCR symposium. Unfortunately, I had to run home and I missed you- this time.

    I’m glod you liked the event though, and wish I could have stayed. I think the occupants of the “Kiddy Table” were a little zonked out by then.

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