Why the Hanson Brothers weren’t at the Oscars this year

This year’s Oscars featured many luminaries, most of whom just sat in the audience looking good. But surely there were three empty seats, meant for the Hanson Brothers, supporting players and scene-stealers from the cinematic triumph “Slap Shot.” The Brothers shared the ice with members of the Boston Bruins “Black and Gold Legends” team to … [Read more…]

If you can’t join ‘em, scrotum

Every so often you hear about a children’s book that gets some parents’ knickers in a twist because they are afraid of their child getting exposed to things they don’t want them to (i.e. the real world) through the availability of these books at school. Usually these books have something to do with same-sex parenting– … [Read more…]

On WordPress at last…

Ed Lee can stop his bitching now, I have moved this blog over to WordPress! I’m still calling it Gischeleman’s Blog, but now it’ll have that nifty-looking Volkswagen logo in the address bar. Just like Scoble! To all my RSS subscribers: Mom, please upgrade your feed.

What does Gischeleman mean?

Don’t you hate randomly-named blogs? Well, let me tell you what Gischeleman means. It is a word — from the language of the Delaware tribe, or in their language, the Lenape. Gischeleman means “to create with the mind,” an appropriate term for many of the things I have done in life, from my decade-plus in … [Read more…]

Should I restart this blog?

I have long abandoned the idea of a personal blog, as I thought I had nothing interesting to say (witness my early posts below). I had satisfied myself with group blogs, particularly Tech PR Gems and the Garden City blog. Participating in a group of people with similar interests has its continued appeal, and I … [Read more…]