Zipper Comedy: Do Not Manipulate

Do Not Manipulate Originally uploaded by douglashaslam. I am scratching my head as to why this “Do Not Manipulate” tag is sewn into the fly of this pair of pants. Is this a message? For abstinence? Anti- “self-manipulation?” Do I need to buy five more pants to make a complete sentence, like the old Burma … [Read more…]

New Podcast Up- PRobecast #008

Just posted Episode 8 of PRobecast, Topaz Partners’ weekly Tech PR podcast. This week’s panel, Tim Allik, Rob Capra and Doug Haslam, discuss: Opening notes– thanks to Sam Whitmore for the mention in his latest Media Survey podcast Listener comment — Bryan Person of and the New Comm Road podcast on Bum Rush the … [Read more…]

Bum Rush the Charts TODAY

I have been following Bum Rush the Charts, a massive social media experiment– and the eventtakes place today, March 22. BRTC is an attempt to put an independent (non-major label) music artist in the iTunes Top 100 charts for one day, through word of mouth. Go to Christopher Penn’s site at: to participate, which … [Read more…]

Radio Days, Part 1

I used to work in public radio, and lately have been thinking about some of the things that happened while I was there. The stories are gradually coming back into mind: the opera singer who had a new dirty joke every night, the guy who mooned the Car Talk guys while they were on the … [Read more…]

New podcast up…

Once again, cross-posting show notes for the PRobecast podcast with Tech PR Gems This week’s panel, Tim Allik, Adam Zand and Doug Haslam, discuss: Opening notes– a challenge to Bryan Person and Chip Griffin Google moves to make search archives anonymous, and announces it on the company blog State of the Media Report from the … [Read more…]

New podcast episode up

Just uploaded a new episode of the podcast I produce with colleagues from Topaz Partners. PRobecast Episode #006: This week’s panel, Tim Allik, Susan Koutalakis and Doug Haslam, discuss: Technical note– the Levelator is working quite well for us Susan on pitching trade shows–what is the reporters’ reception to pitching 6 clients at once for … [Read more…]