New podcast episode up

Just uploaded a new episode of the podcast I produce with colleagues from Topaz Partners. PRobecast Episode #006: This week’s panel, Tim Allik, Susan Koutalakis and Doug Haslam, discuss: Technical note– the Levelator is working quite well for us Susan on pitching trade shows–what is the reporters’ reception to pitching 6 clients at once for … [Read more…]

Why the Hanson Brothers weren’t at the Oscars this year

This year’s Oscars featured many luminaries, most of whom just sat in the audience looking good. But surely there were three empty seats, meant for the Hanson Brothers, supporting players and scene-stealers from the cinematic triumph “Slap Shot.” The Brothers shared the ice with members of the Boston Bruins “Black and Gold Legends” team to … [Read more…]