New Podcast Up– PRobecast #11

Just posted PRobecast, Episode 11 of Topaz Partners’ weekly PR-related podcast. (Cross-posted at Tech PR Gems) This week’s panel, Adam Zand and yours truly, discuss: Imus and Duke Lacrosse: a PR perspective on these two recent controversies. And shut up, Kelly Ripa. PodCamp NYC: Adam introduces his own report from the event. Blogger Code of … [Read more…]

Yet another Podcast: PRobecast #10

Welcome to the PRobecast, Episode 10 of Topaz Partners’ weekly podcast. This week’s panel,Tim Allik, Rob Capra and I, discuss: UMass Boston’s Center For Media and Society and New England Ethnic News– Topaz recently spoke with students who are incorporating social media into their online news site A look at Technorati chief David Sifry’s “State … [Read more…]

New PRobecast Podcast

PRobecast, Episode 9 of Topaz Partners’ weekly podcast is up. I’m not on it this week, but posting it here anyway. As always, you can play it here on the Hipcast player in the sidebar or use the RSS feed below. thanks to Adam Zand for the notes. This week’s panel, Adam Zand with the … [Read more…]

Speaking at UMass Tomorrow

social media flyer2 Originally uploaded by douglashaslam. This should be fun– my Topaz Partners colleague Adam Zand and I will be speaking on a social media panel at UMass Boston tomorrow (April 5), in front of a “Master Class” of students, along with academic and former journalist Robert Picard. This should be interesting. Later in … [Read more…]

DRM, part 2: DRM=CRAP (re-posted)

After my rejoicing about non-DRM music from EMI, I now come across this from David Berlind of ZDNet. It sums up my feelings about DRM and why I can’t, in general, support devices — or software– that use it. Tech Tags: DRM digital+rights+management ZDNetipodDavid+Berlind

Which Comic Book Superhero are You?

This may not be the first time someone has asked this question, but with which comic book superhero do you most identify? I don’t mean what super power would you like to have (or do have), or who is your favorite hero, but what character in comic books have you ever come across and said, … [Read more…]