New Podcast Up: PRobecast 16: Apple/Engadget, Diversity, Preakness pick

Just posted episode 16 of PRobecast, Topaz Partners’ weekly PR-related podcast [splashcast VBMB8367UC] This week, Adam Zand and I discuss: Engadget runs with a bad tip that affects Apple‘s stock price. Are we ready to hold new media to old media standards? Adam attended the Advertising, Marketing & PR Industry Diversity Job Fair and Leadership … [Read more…]

Tube your Mom for Mother’s Day

[youtube=] Work projects should always be this much fun. This video is part of a project to promote the Tubes file sharing software as a last-minute Mother’s Day gift. I think the Mom is letting the son off easy; she had plenty of room to lay on a big fat guilt trip before enjoying the … [Read more…]

New Podcast: PRobecast #14: Splashcast, PC World, Umbria, Digg and more

This week’s episode 14 of the podcast I help produce, PRobecast from Topaz Partners is up. [splashcast VBMB8367UC CONJ1736AG] This week’s panel, Tim Allik, Doug Haslam and Rob Capra, discuss: PR Newswire and Umbria team up to bring blog tracking to wire service customers PC World‘s editor in chief resigns. Is advertiser influence on editorial … [Read more…]

New Podcast Up: PRobecast #13: Military PR, Extending the Conversation, Disclosure on Blogs

Just posted a new episode of PRobecast, the public relations podcast I produce with my colleagues at Topaz partners. This week’s panel, Adam Zand, Tim Allik, Paul Hughes, Todd Van Hoosear and myself, discuss: Military PR issues. Topazer and former military public affairs officer Paul Hughes joins us for a perspective on the Pat Tillman … [Read more…]

The Legion of Creepy Actors

Some time ago, I decided that certain actors represented a certain level of, well, creepiness, and were worthy of their own legion (think “Legion of Doom,” Superfriends fans). Two years ago, I posted my original Legion of Creepy Actors in a blog read by approximately zero people, the Pop Culture Gems blog put up by … [Read more…]

Will Podcasts Kill the Radio Star?

Listening to the latest episode— #177– of Joseph Jaffe’s Across the Sound podcast, I was struck by something he said. He declared– and I paraphrase– that podcasts will take over radio and kill it. Sound provocative? Yes. Sound absurd? Maybe not. Podcasts have not hit the mainstream yet–only 13% have listened to a podcast according … [Read more…]

New Podcast: PRobecast #12 from Topaz Partners

Another glimpse of where I work– the latest episode of the weekly PR-related podcast from Topaz Partners, PRobecast Episode 12 I’m not in this one! But hey, I’m not proud… as usual, cross-posted from Tech PR Gems: This week’s panel, Tim Allik and Rob Capra, discuss: Tim Allik’s recent journey to the SAE World Congress … [Read more…]