Social Media Top 5: Check Out My Peanutize

Peanutize Here we go: another popular TV show or movie, another chance to change your social media profile pictures in the style of the characters. The latest is to promote the upcoming “Peanuts” movie, so now you can “Peanutize” yourself. First of all, kudos for not calling it “Peanutsize” (say “I’m posting  my Peanutsize on Facebook” out … [Read more…]

2,500 Words on Long-Form Content

I have been thinking a lot about long-form online content lately. Trends indicate that longer-form content is becoming more popular, a relief to people who want to be taken seriously, debate deep issues and educate people. Companies are springing up around the idea that longer-form content is the preferred way to go, over listicles, videos … [Read more…]

Social Media Top 5: DisLike-sia and Other Facebook Stuff

Dislike-sia Is Facebook finally implementing the long-discussed Dislike Button? Of course not. It’s a silly idea that makes no sense, not to mention that Facebook has long said it wouldn’t do that. That did not prevent people from breathlessly reporting that Facebook was doing just that after some comments by founder Mark Zuckerberg last week. … [Read more…]

Social Media Top 5 – Slacktivism is Awesome & So Might Be Facebook Mention

Avatars-For-a-Cause, Now with Extra Lazy Added In general, I am not a fan of monkeying with profile pics on social networks. Your avatar is the way people recognize you, especially as messages flash by in news streams or list columns. I try to change mine rarely, though have occasionally succumbed to temporary fits of slacktivism, adding … [Read more…]

Something Fishy About “Top Marketing Influencer” Lists

It seems to be “list season” in the marketing world, as bloggers and companies merrily link-bait their way through the usual suspects in the hopes of mentions, thank you’s and general reciprocal tongue baths of appreciation. Lists can be great, if they spotlight someone new that might interest you and give you some informative reading. … [Read more…]