Social Media Top 5: #ShmivingTuesday, Twitter Share Count Hysteria, & the SpareMe Economy

#GivingTuesday, #ShmivingTuesday I have spent a lot of snark-energy lately on the various “Days” that invade our calendar. One might consider that unsurprising, knowing that I’m not a big holidays guy in general, but “Chilblains Awareness Day” and “Put the Toilet Seat Down Thursday” are things i can live without. That goes for broader “Days” … [Read more…]

Social Media Top 5: Twitter Has Heart; Spotify Not So Evil? LinkedIn Mod Changes

Twitter? Hearts? Have you no…um, Heart? People like to accuse Twitter of having “Facebook Envy,” adding features to its idiotically simple core service (some better than others). Now that Twitter has changed Favorite” to “Like,” complete with heart icon, people are going nuts. I really could care less about this change but it is fun … [Read more…]

Social Media Top 5: Yelp Abuse, Grantland’s Tomb, Snapchat Owns You, and More…

Fighting Fraud with Fraud. And Threats. and Stupidity. It looks like  a restaurateur got fed up with some entitled vegans (no, not all vegans act that way , don’t assume I think that way just because I think bacon is awesome) making unreasonable order requests. It also looks like the restaurateur lost it on social … [Read more…]

Social Media Top 5: Twitter Loves Developers Again, YouTube Red, & Blame it on Content Shock

Twitter Developments Once upon a time, Twitter closed its legs on third-party developers. I thought that made sense in terms of controlling how people accessed Twitter – and could see ads, but obviously developers, who helped make Twitter what it was in the early days, were put off. The great developments (Tweetdeck et al) were … [Read more…]

Social Media Top 5: Dude Says Twitter’s Dead Because of Online Abuse – Let’s Get Him!

Is Abuse Killing Twitter or Should People Who Say So Shut Their Filthy Pieholes? Of all the reasons one could give for an eventual downfall of Twitter as a business, here is an article that puts much of the blame (for something that hasn’t happened yet) on online abuse. Of course I agree online abuse is … [Read more…]

Social Media Top 5: Overvaluing Trump Tweets; Twitter Moments; Prejudging & Justine

Trump Tweets as Valuable as Media Coverage?   I am legitimately impressed that presidential candidate Donald Trump composes his own Tweets. I am also legitimately concerned for the sanity of his communications director. However, the idea that he is getting “free press” in a specific dollar amount for each Tweet is ridiculous to anyone (like … [Read more…]

Social Media Top 5: Yelp If I’m Bothering You Peeple

Yelp if I’m Bothering You I am trying to be positive and find a reason this new app “Peeple” should exist. After all, I’m hardly the only person writing about this and it’s hardly original to simply trash it. Their messaging is infused with a relentless positivity, but the immediate assumption across the Internet was that an app used to … [Read more…]

Social Media Top 5: Check Out My Peanutize

Peanutize Here we go: another popular TV show or movie, another chance to change your social media profile pictures in the style of the characters. The latest is to promote the upcoming “Peanuts” movie, so now you can “Peanutize” yourself. First of all, kudos for not calling it “Peanutsize” (say “I’m posting  my Peanutsize on Facebook” out … [Read more…]