Social Media Top 5: The Blogfather Speaks, The CEO Counts & the Map Don’t Lie


Only three this week. We’ve had holidays. Happy New Year. Iran’s “Blogfather” – This is Why we Must Have Good Things After last week’s story about Medium claiming to be the future of Web content, it is interesting to see this story- an Iranian blogger emerges from six years in prison aghast at the prevalence … [Read more…]

Social Media Top 5: Lessons Learned From “Lessons Learned from Star Wars” Posts (NO SPOILERS)

Image credit: Zsolt Andrasi on Flickr

Here we go again: the long-awaited new Star Wars movie is out (side note: I’m ok with spoilers; either the movie is good or it’s not), and the predictable “Lessons Learned” posts are pouring in from PR, marketing and social media bloggers. Yay. Here’s one with PR lessons! Here’s another, with business lessons! (It’s an old … [Read more…]

Social Media Top 5: Podcasters Ask the Wrong Question, Don’t Period Your Text & The War on Tree-Blobs

Image Credit: Patrick Haney on Flickr

I actually had more material than I could use this week, how about that? I had to trim and five and was able to avoid any mentions of Donald Trump (oops). No, Facebook is Not the Next Big Platform for Podcasts I am, most likely, a greater-than-average consumer of podcasts. Part of the reason is I listen … [Read more…]

Social Media Top 5: #ShmivingTuesday, Twitter Share Count Hysteria, & the SpareMe Economy

Image Credit: Toban B. on Flickr

#GivingTuesday, #ShmivingTuesday I have spent a lot of snark-energy lately on the various “Days” that invade our calendar. One might consider that unsurprising, knowing that I’m not a big holidays guy in general, but “Chilblains Awareness Day” and “Put the Toilet Seat Down Thursday” are things i can live without. That goes for broader “Days” … [Read more…]