Blog Silence

Out of respect for the millions of victims of marketing blogging, I am taking a brief break from writing new posts.* *Or, I’m busy and/or dealing with offline events and issues that demand my time  

Social Media Top 5: Facebook Sponsored Content, What Holds Podcasting Back, and Lessons from Kobe

This week’s topics inspired in part by my participation in the revived Media Bullseye Roundtable podcast. Always a pleasure to chat with Chip Griffin about media and communications topics. …and the Beast Shall Bear the Mark of the Blue Check… I like the idea that Facebook is using its own bully pulpit to restrict how … [Read more…]

Social Media Top 5: My Marketing Buzzwords are Better Than Yours

My Buzzword-Based Definition of Marketing is Better than Your Buzzword-Based Definition of Marketing Everything the tech world says about marketing is wrong First: “Everything xxx is wrong” is Internetspeak for “Fight me.” Second: Yes, there are a lot of people in marketing who didn’t study marketing. Thank God for that. That said: point taken that basing … [Read more…]

Social Media Top 5: Cancer Comms, A Life Disrupted, & Blab to Bomb(?)

For Immediate Release Podcast: Cancer, Communications and Other Fun Stuff FIR #29: Communications and Cancer For years, I have been a fan of the For Immediate Release podcast, hosted by Shel Holtz and (for most of its run) Neville Hobson. I was lucky enough to appear on the show now and again, and even to co-host … [Read more…]

Social Media Top 5: Retiring TweetDeck, Anchor Audio & Curating Gods

I’m a bit late with my weekly writing, as I spent extra time this weekend cursing university creative writing departments for unleashing a generation of narcissistic bores on the movie-loving online public (if my son compared a film like “Batman v Superman” to “Glengarry Glen Ross” in an essay he would have no privileges for a … [Read more…]

Social Media Top 5: What Podcasts? More Disclosure & Wikipedia Fun, & Instagram Feed Change

  Podcasts? What Podcasts? NPR employees have been instructed not to promote its own podcasts on the air? What? It appears there is a friction between NPR’s longtime brilliance at making its content available via downloadable or streaming media (Podcasts!) and the desire by local stations for listeners to stick with good ol’ terrestrial radio. … [Read more…]

Social Media Top 5: Instant Winners, Loser Apps, & Stopping Online Harassment

Facebook Instant Articles Coming to More Publishers Soon. And…? On April 12, Facebook says, it will open up its Instant Articles platform to all publishers. I haven’t taken much advantage of this platform from the initial group of large publishers with current access, but it is fair to say it has worked well enough for broader … [Read more…]