Social Media Top 5: Facebook Automated Trends is Just Fine, Blab is Dead, Disclosure is…Well…

Some of my items might be slightly out of date for a post that aspires to be weekly (Ha!), but I don’t care, as long as the relevance endures…but first a newer one: Facebook Automates Trending Topics, Hilarity Ensues So people were worried about humans putting bias into the Facebook news algorithm. So people thought … [Read more…]

Social Media Top 5: Instagram Disappears, Snapchat Offends, FTC Enforces, Twitter Censors, Facebook Spoils

Instagram Stories – I’m Trying to Care – I’m Trying really, really, hard. This has already been batted around a bit, but Instagram has launched a “stories” feature ripped directly, more or less, from the Snapchat playbook. Good thing? Instagram itself is the more established players- plus it has Facebook’s backing, so there is no reason to … [Read more…]

Blog Silence

Out of respect for the millions of victims of marketing blogging, I am taking a brief break from writing new posts.* *Or, I’m busy and/or dealing with offline events and issues that demand my time  

Social Media Top 5: Facebook Sponsored Content, What Holds Podcasting Back, and Lessons from Kobe

This week’s topics inspired in part by my participation in the revived Media Bullseye Roundtable podcast. Always a pleasure to chat with Chip Griffin about media and communications topics. …and the Beast Shall Bear the Mark of the Blue Check… I like the idea that Facebook is using its own bully pulpit to restrict how … [Read more…]

Social Media Top 5: My Marketing Buzzwords are Better Than Yours

My Buzzword-Based Definition of Marketing is Better than Your Buzzword-Based Definition of Marketing Everything the tech world says about marketing is wrong First: “Everything xxx is wrong” is Internetspeak for “Fight me.” Second: Yes, there are a lot of people in marketing who didn’t study marketing. Thank God for that. That said: point taken that basing … [Read more…]