Glossary – Words of the Day

  • Internet of Flings – The practice of taking a meaningful topic and applying advanced buzzword techniques to render it meaningless (see “Internet of Things” and “Social Business”)
  • Empticon – an emoticon that has no value or meaning
  • Genereal disease – When you’re sick of everything
  • Blogwash – sounds like hogwash, you get the idea
  • Discoutrage – to discourage outrageous behavior
  • Cracktivism – Supporting causes with snark”
  • Zitgeist – the general intellectual, moral, and cultural climate of teenagers
  • Notifiction – A notice of something that isn’t really happening
  • Onomatopotato – The sounds that tells you the microwave baked potato is a tad overcooked
  • Smackable content – Obnoxious social media posts
  • Nonversation – Two people shouting opinions past each other. Not to be confused with a dialogue
  • Nimbecile – Someone who is adept at artfully doing something very difficult yet also very stupid
  • Spamsoring – Publishing sponsored social media posts that nobody cares about

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