Doug’s Snowy Commute

(UPDATE: Comments welcome below of course, but also share your story on the “Awful commute Wiki” established by Bryan Person.)

Yesterday’s (12/13/07) snowsotrm in the Boston area was no record breaker, but its timing meant one of the worst homeward commutes in recent memory. Stories about abandoning cars by the Charles River, stopping short of home after 9 hours and grabbing a hotel room, and taking nine hours to cross Providence, RI make my 3.5-hour commute home look wimpy, but it was still a bit of an ordeal.

To pass the time I sent in audio dispatches to Twitter, and (carefully) took a few short videos to document some of the stages of the commute. I have compiled them here:

Starting out: smartest thing I did was to head to the gas station, though that took 1/2 hour:

Smooth sailing on Route 93 South– for now

No more smooth sailing (reference to “Seesmic,” a video site I am experimenting with)

What better soundtrack than the Beach Boys for a wintry commute?

Take it slllooowwww…

Getting off the highway

Winter Wonderland part 1: delusion sets in and I feel pity for the poor suckers who don’t get snow

Nearly home

You can also hear my progressive audio dispatches:

Twittergram #1

Twittergram #2

Twittergram #3

Twittergram #4

(I may re-edit this some other time to put the audio in players)

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Boston Celtics’ Kevin Garnett give the best postgame interview ever

I don;t usually post random videos from YouTube, but this clip shows what it takes to give a god interview: charm, poise, erudition, the ability to form sentences, and the courage to smack down a reporter’s clown-like wardrobe.

Kevin Garnett is really bringing it all to the Boston Celtics, on the court and off. All we need now is a ring.

…and Craig Sager had this coming. Those are some ugly clothes. Thanks KG!

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Cross-media conversations

What occurred to me today is actually something that occurred to me separately a long time ago: conversations occur across platforms without any of the participants batting an eye.

Ok, in this case I eventually batted eyes, hence the blog post. The other day, Clarence Smith posted this on Twitter:

dykc coco

Being a smartass, I responded:

dough coco

Clarence responded, seamlessly, via Facebook:


You’ll notice he pointed out to me that he jumped to Facebook from Twitter to carry on the conversation. So, I posed the question to the Twitter network, and here are a few of the responses:

Twitter responses

What’s the point? The platform is not only less important than the conversation and the community, but we can take on and dispose of these media midstream. Again, this is really nothing new, but in this age of instant social networks, the shifting from platform to platform is more common, and in my case at least, easy to absorb.

What is your take? Do you have cross-platform conversational experience? Comment below.

Or Twitter

Or leave a message on my Facebook wall.

Or ask a question in LinkedIn.

Or use Utterz to post an audio response with photos.

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Will It Blend? – iPhone

Will It Blend? – iPhone

I have tried to stay out of the iPhone discussion, because I don’t want to enable the Macolyte zombie army, nor do I want to bash a cool gadget because that’s the cool thing to do.

But this latest episode of the great Blendtec “Will it Blend” series is priceless. I’ll give away the ending, because it is still worth watching anyway; yes, the iPhone does blend.