PRobecast 28: Print media dead? Twitterization of mainstream media?

Episode 28 of PRobecast,Topaz Partners’ weekly PR podcast is up:

Tim Allik, Rob Capra and I discuss:

  1. I remark on the changing makeup of the media after a recent media tour.
  2. Is print media dead? New articles continue this discussion, with commentary from Tim Allik’s younger brother.
  3. The Twitterization of Mainstream Media? A discussion of David Berlind’s recent ZDNet blog post, and a Twitter smackdown among Messrs. Howard, Fine and Howard. Oh, and a plug for my recent appearance on the Forward Podcast.
  4. More ZDNet: a great resource called IT Facts.
  5. Plugs for upcoming events being promoted via social media: PodCamp Boston and One Voice Walk.
  6. What to do this weekend. Stock Market Panic!

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Twitter & microblogging: Forward Podcast with Paull Young

Cross-posted from Tech PR Gems:

Paull and  Constantin

After the wrap-up of a media tour with a client in New York, I stuck around the city to speak with Paull Young and Constantin Basturea of Converseon. I try not to turn down opportunities to have a meetup when I can make it work, and I am glad these two were able to take some time with me.

Of course we talked about social media, PR and marketing: and then Paull, a recently-transplanted Aussie who more importantly blogs and podcasts for PR students and young practitioners, whipped out his podcast gear.

Paull and I recorded an impromptu podcast on microblogging and Twitter— trying to keep things on a a basic level, how Twitter and other social media fit into marketing programs, and also touching on the issue.

Through the magic of cut and paste, I have placed the download link below, but please visit Paull’s blogs, Young PR and Forward Blog.

Download link for the podcast:
icon for podpress Forward Podcast 29 – Microblogging and Twitter [20:56m]:| Download

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PRobecast 27: Google News, Defcon, Blogger Rights…

Episode 27 of PRobecast,Topaz Partners’ weekly PR-related podcast is up:
Tim Allik, Adam Zand and I discuss:

  1. Google News is allowing comments. How will that work? Is this a PR opportunity?
  2. Bloggers get same protections as regular journalists; well, some of them anyway
  3. Bloggers’ union in the works? Do newspaper writers see bloggers as a threat similar to freelancers?
  4. George Colony of Forrester Research tells CEOs to get with the Web 2.0 program or else.
  5. Social media as a marketing channel. Appropriate? A discussion started by Chris Brogan and continued by Doug. Plus, tips on stalking reporters via social media.
  6. Defcon: Undercover reporter outed by hackers. No losers here; color us amused

7. What to do this weekend– celebrate Doug’s Rez Day!

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“Life is Good?” What else you got?

ligRecording today’s PRobecast (Topaz Partners PR podcast), we talked about an upcoming Boston event at Fenway Park sponsored by “Life is Good.”

Many of us know “Life is Good” as the familiar emblem on T-shirts, hats and myriad other items– and that events the home-grown company sponsors or puts together raise money to benefits worthy non-profits. But, Tim Allik raised a great point- is “good” and adequate term to describe life? Tim was afraid that his 5th grade teacher would nix the term. I merely wonder: what would your term for life be?

Maybe that word changes depending on what you are going through at the time. Perhaps you might express it in flavors, or music, or some other felling that dominates your creative thinking. I don’t know, but I would love to know what you think “Life is…” at the moment you read this. There are a few initial suggestions from Twitter friends in comments at the original Tech PR Gems post, but feel free to add your own and I will jump in as well.

Go wild! Do it now– life is short, you know… nah, I can do better than that.

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Photo caption finalist! Vote for “Botox,” vote for me please

Looks like I am in the running for a photo caption prize over at Strumpette’s Web site.

Please go to the contest page at and vote for me if you are so moved. The contest runs through 1pm EDT on Sunday, July 1, 2007.

As an added incentive, I am donating at least 1/2 of the proceeds to a project very close to me, the building of the Andrew Curry Green boathouse at Wah-tut-Ca, my old summer camp.

I am actually fond of my response, “Liquid hydrogen facials are the new Botox,” so it would be a real kick to win.

The photo is at the contest page, but here it is for you:


Remember, vote for Botox! and thanks.

UPDATE: Well, things got a little ugly after I suspected one of the other contestants of cheating and responded in kind to find out for sure. I’m out of the contest, which I fully expected as soon as the BS started. Not convinced I did the right thing, but not convinced the alternatives would have illuminated the situation either– plus, I had a little help;) .

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“Life, with Cancer” Columnist Lauren Terrazzano, 1968-2007

When someone you know dies, it is natural to make it about you–how well you know the person, what you talked about, what you did with them.

All I will do here is say I wish I had known Lauren Terrazzano better than I had. I certainly should have.

By the time we graduated, I realized that Lauren was one of the “smart” ones in my high school class, Tewksbury (Mass.) Memorial high, 1986. By that I mean she was hip enough to recognize that there was life beyond our boring– sorry, Tewksbury– suburb. And she proved me right too, by going on to the Columbia School of Journalism and landing a gig as a renowned columnist for Newsday in New York City.

Her last series of columns, “Life, With Cancer,” dealt frankly with the eponymous subject. Her last column in particular, “No Time for Last-Minute Commiserators,” takes point-blank aim at my first paragraph. Lauren aired her resentment at people who pop into her life after hearing she is dying, even though she had not heard from them for years. Some of these people said strangely inappropriate things– all with good intentions.

We all do this, when we do this, out of a strong brew of guilt and selfishness. Again, we relate the tragedy to ourselves, and the need to do that sometimes overcomes decorum. Lauren was not afraid to call out that uncomfortable truth.

Lauren wrote in that column: “My father always taught me that you honor people when they are alive and not wait until they’re dead or close to it.” Memorize those words.

It is my fault that I did not keep up with someone who had so much intellectual stimulation to offer. Selfishly, I am glad that I did not become one of the people she called out in her column, but wouldn’t I have rather ad some contact with her before hearing of her death?

I do know this: I have some phone calls and visits to make. Now is the time to nurture your friendships, not when it’s nearly too late.

As for Lauren, I am grateful to have the memories I have of her, for they were good ones, even those that were second-hand through mutual friends. I am also grateful that on the Internet, many things live forever; we do have Lauren’s columns, and her voice on an NPR tribute.

One last note; I picked up my class of ’86 yearbook after receiving the email about Lauren this evening and, like me, she was not in it much, save for her activity at the school paper. I do want to know about the “Favorite Memory” in her yearbook entry. What is the story behind the Wang truck?

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