Which Comic Book Superhero are You?

This may not be the first time someone has asked this question, but with which comic book superhero do you most identify? I don’t mean what super power would you like to have (or do have), or who is your favorite hero, but what character in comic books have you ever come across and said, “Hey, there’s a little bit (or a lot) of me in that character!”

The WatcherWell, mine is a little unusual– it is Uatu, the Watcher. I first caught this character in Fantastic Four comic books of my childhood. Basically, he watched–observed– and reported what he saw. Is that a great job or what? Uatu and his kind had a strict code of non-interference, meaning even if the existence of the civilization they observe is threatened, they cannot intervene.

What appealed to me instantly was the idea of being able to watch everything this going on within a defined universe, and interpret it; that is, being the go-to guy for an overview of what’s going on in the world. I like to listen, to know what’s going on. That drew me to the storytelling aspects of radio, journalism, blogging, and public relations. What was a little off-putting was the inability to affect change, participate in or even be seen by those you observe. Big bummer. Of course, followers of Marvel Comics in the 60’s and 70’s know well that Uatu broke his vow of non-interference in order to help the Fantastic Four and other heroes save the earth from Galactus and other baddies.

In short, it is impossible to be purely an observer; one must participate and contribute. So, I don’t just read blogs or write my own; I spend much more time reading others and commenting there; listening to podcasts and commenting there as well. It’s a participatory culture, one that is bringing many of my colleagues in my line of work, PR, to a new/old way of thinking.

So which Super hero are you? Are you Batman, dark and brooding with an urge to right wrongs through your own methods? Are you uber Boy Scout Superman? Or maybe Spiderman, an awkward Everyman who bears the burden of suddenly acquired power? Or maybe, like me, you identify with a slightly more obscure character. I’d like to hear from any one who stumble across this post…

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