Reprehensible Ego-Tripping or Fun? Both!

In Social Media Marketer-Land, we often make sport of the constant ego-building, attention-mongering activities that are all too prevalent. I do it, you do it (oh, I know you do don’t act all innocent), and it’s great that we call each other to account for being egomaniacal jerks.

Diamondbacks Braves doughaslam

Sometimes, though, we’re just having fun. For example, on our recent vacation in Phoenix, we noticed that at Chase Field, home of Major League Baseball’s Diamondbacks, fans could get Tweets displayed on the big scoreboard in center field. All you had to do was include the #godbacks” hashtag.

  • Ego gratification? Check
  • Gratuitous hashtag use? Check.
  • Publishing message on Twitter that everyone can see, not just people at the Diamondbacks games, for maximum lack of context? Check.
I just had to get on that big board. So I did, several times over four games. And you know what? It was fun. You know what else? I probably annoyed some people, including people I knew, with my #godbacks Tweets (what’s a “god back” anyway?).
Oh well.
Bonus: during Game 3, I got a text from a neighbor asking if we were at the game. Turns out they were there too- and found out we were there from my Tweets. It reminded me a little of the early days of Twitter when we were finding all these fun uses for the first time.

So, do I promise to be less cynical when others do silly attention-getting things in social media?

Nah. Probably not.
Diamondbacks Braves doughaslam

Turner Field, Atlanta; A Baseball Fan’s Perspective. Kill me now!!!

Atlanta– Turner Field

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On vacation in Atlanta last week, took the wife and son to Turner Field to catch the Braves vs. The Chicago Cubs. Despite the title of this post, we actually had a very good time. A close game with a lot of action, and we arrived early to catch batting practice, with my son getting an autograph from the Cubs’ Cliff Floyd, and the wife getting a good seat at the right field tavern for a pre-game quaff.

What did inspire the title of the post was the in-game “entertainment.” After every pitch– every freakin’ pitch!– there was some loud burst of crowd encouragement. The bugle “charge,” Addams Family theme, “Car Wash” Claps, and literal exhortations to “make some noise.” I had a headache by the third inning.

Now I know this isn’t the first rant about such stadial nonsense, but I just had to go with the moment fresh from the event. Perhaps I am a jaded ol’ New England fan of the Boston Red Sox, but I went to Turner to see a baseball game. If I’m going to make some noise, it’s because the game is exciting. And I don’t need some talentless bimbos shooting T-shorts out of the T-shirt-shooter.

Perhaps the Braves exec’s need to do these things to motivate the so-called fans. I don’t know, but I was really put off.

That said, there were some really nice things, including a Braves museum signifying an overall sense of history around the park, and some appropriately simple activities for kids in the outfield concourse. Plus, the stadium was nice, and accessible.

But my God, the noise…

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