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About Doug Haslam

I am a media and communications professional with a career dating back to 1989. Starting as a jazz DJ, then cutting tape and pointing fingers (in a non-accusatory, rather more of a “cue-speak now!” manner) at public radio’s best, I embarked on a technology public relations career just in time to ride the Internet bubble. Now engaged whole-heartedly in social media, I put my communications skills to work with Voce Communications, a Porter Novelli company.I maintain this blog to catch all the social media, communications, and other thoughts I feel like throwing out there. Enjoy, complain, comment, criticize– if you’re reading this page then you are reading my blog– so thanks!

Contact me: email at doughaslam [at] gmail [dot] com

*Comment policy: I am all for the open exchange of conversation and ideas, but reserve the right to remove comments for any reason, particularly relating to spam or verbal abuse.

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