My Top 5: Insta-Posting, Bot-tunes, Career Medi-ocracy, Cut-and-Paste THIS

Businesses Can Now Post Incessantly on Instagram

This is not the most exciting story, but it is the most relevant to people operating social media accounts day-to-day; Instagram’s API now allows third-party tools like Sprout Social and Hootsuite to post directly to the platform. It has long been a frustration of social media managers who had to separate posting on the popular network, so that’s good. Does it mean we’ll see a spate of over-posting by too-excited brands with easier acess? Have you noticed anything?

The Real Reason We Developed Neural Networks

It’s not to learn, it’s to amuse. If I were forced to go to Coachella, I would look forward to “Automute”:

Career Advice: Don’t Do This

I would never do this- a former Googler name Steve Yegge recently quit and left a long screed about why his now-former company is no good, and not innovating. Sometimes we want to burn bridges. Might I suggest merely leaving a few banana peels and hoping the right people slip on them?

Kudos to the pro-level trolling from Buzzfeed, and some good meta-trolling.

I have left companies and been left at times, and have never felt tempted to trash any of these companies on my way out the door. Well, ok, tempted, sure, but it’s career stupidity to act on it. People move around, and move into positions to help you, unless you — well, unless they have reason not to.

A final note. The screed was posted on Medium, which helpfully informs readers how long a post will take to get through. This one was estimated at 19 minutes. That is not “Medium” to me. TL/DR, a the kids say.

Cut and Paste THIS

My favorite social media meme of the last week or so has been the hysteria over Facebook’s newsfeed changes, and people spreading “warnings” as a cut-and-paste post to spread, helpfully, to all your friends. USA Today covered it here. 

It should come as no surprise to anyone that reaction to my passive-aggressive parody was…predictable:

You get four this time; it’s been a long week.

A long three weeks. My blog, my schedule.

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