My Top 5: All The Stupid Things Must Die

A note to start: I am no longer calling this “Social Media Top 5.” I stopped doing social media exclusively a couple of years ago, and not sure I ever used social as a strict guideline for choosing topics. Plus, it’s all about me, so now it’s “My Top 5.” Other than that, this post is the same old crap.

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Die, Content Marketing! Die! Die! Die!

I finally found something almost as obnoxious and useless as making up meaningless buzzwords for things that don’t need new names or don’t actually exist (*cough* content shock *cough*); saying buzzwords that have come into common usage  need to “die.” Saying such a thing is simply link-bait (oh wait is that a buzzword?) and a grab for attention. Saying that a phrase like “content marketing” needs to die makes no sense to me, outside of the aforementioned cry for attention. Still, I think this post is meant at least partly tongue-in-cheek and worth a read.

As much as I like to make fun of dumb buzzwords, if they mean something (or you can define what you mean by them), they are useful. Content marketing, like it or hate it, covers a broad swath of practices which can have meaning if you define your services. If you are just using the term to be trendy, anyone doing their homework will not hire you; if they do hire you, they get what they deserve (if not what they paid for).

Don’t fight buzzwords; fight empty meaning. It’s not always the same thing.

Twitter Still Not Dead Yet

I know that Twitter’s financials tend to the grim side, and that lazy online marketers find it easy to just say Twitter is dead and irrelevant, but I tend to be more of an optimist. If the 2016 election and current presidential administration have proved nothing else, it’s that for better or worse people pay attention to Twitter. Perhaps it’s not a true social network anymore, and relevance and abuse are problems that need to be addressed more forcefully (I was encouraged by this algorithm tweaking aimed at lessening the effect of bots on reply threads), but it is an easy way to post snippets of information and media- “Moments,” to borrow a phrase that is also a cool Twitter feature that the company would be smart to do more to force us to use.

If Twitter dies, it will not be because it is irrelevant; it’s still a great tool. It will be because the company fails to take advantage of what it does do well.

Meanwhile, legitimate or not I will continue to follow @RoguePOTUSStaff, as well as much of the of-the-moment news coverage from the (not fake) mainstream media.

Snapchat is Dead- Dead, I Say! You Don’t Say… (I Didn’t Say That)

Concerns about governance and business priority changes when a company goes public are legitimate. That does not mean we should assume a company is dead. There are so many questions about Snapchat before even getting to that one. For example, parents have not embraced Snapchat to the extent that their children have run screaming to a new network. Before that happens, I can’t even be certain Snapchat is even close to peaking.

Well, that analysis is as thorough as assuming death by IPO.

Why Snapchat is Dead

UnDead: They Miiiiigghhht be Baaaackk…

One of my early “social media” hobbies was participating in the “Television Without Pity” forums, discussing  and snarking on my favorite TV shows. after a sale to Bravo (and NBC Universal), the site eventially got watered down and later shuttered, as I lamented a few years ago:

Life Without Television Without Pity

Now comes word that the site (and Tubey) is coming back. In what form, and will I love it? I am eager to find out.

(HT to my friend Marti Lawrence)

I Would Be Ok With This Death

People creating images quoting themselves is something I find egotistical and abhorrent. I understand people are trying to sell “though leadership” and books and probably (ugh) speaking slots, but I go by the “nickname” rule: never do it for yourself, but be good enough that other people do it for you. I’m not going to link to examples because I don’t (usually) like to call people out.

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