A Few Observations for June 7, 2013

In lieu of a “real” blog post, some thoughts that leaked out of my ears:

  • If you Tweet that people are “doing it wrong” – you’re doing it wrong

(13) Twitter _ Search - _doing it wrong_

  • People have “personal brands” about Personal Brand (or against Personal Brand). No, really.
  • The only thing requiring more effort than making video (even good ones) is watching them.
  • “Video is Hard” Part II: this is part of why Vine is a hard sell for me.


  • It is tempting to ridicule people for posting highly personal, navel-gazing posts on public forums. Why is it not as tempting to properly ignore them?
  • What is more useful to you: advice or observation?
  • Is it really such a burden to look at food photos? Admit, you secretly love them

Shrimp deviled eggs

  • Do you still listen to podcasts? (I do)
  • List posts: informative and easy to consume? Or lazy anti-writing? Should I call this a Top Ten List for better SEO?

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