Social Media Lessons From Every Holiday TV Special Ever Made

I love holidays, I love TV, and I definitely love “Social Media Lessons” posts. So here are my totally classy social media lessons from these TV gems.

Happy Holidays everyone.

The Internet Cat Meme Fad is Fraudulent: Do you remember a Garfield Christmas special? Thought not. Dogs, reindeer, Yetis, all should claim their rightful place. Stop with the cats, they are obviously not working.


Stop Motion is Better Than Traditional Animation for Corporate Videos: And no, it’s not “Claymation,” dammit

Every Company Has a Little Drummer Boy: You know, someone who wasn’t really at the company founding (your “manger,” so to speak) but a subsequent song and legend make up a ridiculous story placing him or her there. Find your company’s Little Drummer Boy. And blog about it. Then write a sequel.


Fred Astaire is Cooler than Jimmy Durante: But just barely. If you can only book Jimmy Durante for a guest blog post, go for it.


Not Every Content Idea Needs to Be Good: Just Get it Out There. 


You’re welcome.

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