#Social Media Breakfast Boston (#SMB29): Social for Sales & Business Growth

This past Friday I attended Boston’s 29th Social Media Breakfast: Social for Sales and Business Growth.

First, I should mention that this month marked the fifth anniversary of the first-ever Social Media Breakfast, organized by Bryan Person. That first was simply a meetup, but was so well-attended it turned into a series with themes, speakers and a presence in dozens of cities.

Different themes get different audiences and have different takeaways- this one, for me, underlined the importance of marketing,, sales, PR and advertising to all be on the same page. While PR makes sense for engagement on content channels, ultimately we are trying to deliver business results in social media, and aligning with sales and delivering and measuring results are the areas where a lot of major victories are being scored.

The speakers at SMB 29 were:

For a taste of what impressed the attendees, see the content posted below- and feel free to add your impressions in comments.


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