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ContentI’m always tickled to be included among smart people on a panel to discuss social media, communications, and other issues. Earlier this month, I was honored to be included in the following group for an online panel on Content Marketing moderated by Steve Farnsworth of Jolt Social Media and hosted by

Joining me were:

You can hear the audio (approx. 1 hour) from the panel at the archive page, or play it directly from this link:


Rather than try to recap the conversation, I did want to pull out some of the more interesting bits we covered. If you have any comments, feel free to leave them here or at the archive page.

  • When starting a content marketing program- what are your content assets?
  • Create expectations with your content by being consistent
  • Write in a way that’s engaging without sacrificing the marketing goals of your content
  • Think about metrics in terms of program tracking but also in terms of what the C-suite wants (and needs) to hear
  • Think about where talent comes from for content marketing programs- perhaps not from the marketing and PR industries, but from traditional content creating roles like journalism
  • Topics I never touch on (like marketing automation) were brought up, underscoring the need for PR, Marketing and other communications departments to be aligned in content marketing efforts
  • The shrinking world of effective free tools for managing online content, with some input from the audience to tools they use. (I have been hearing a lot about Crowdbooster lately, for example)
  • Ways to get contact from reluctant executives, such as Q&As and short videos
  • Whom and how many to follow on your social media accounts (and how much does that matter)? Relevancy and reciprocation matter
  • I was surprised and pleased to note the panel’s collective attitudes towards infographics (think “visual” not “infographic” as there are so many bad ones out there) and Klout as an influence measure (no thanks)
  • Plus: I got to throw in two of my favorite themes:
    • “No message control” in social media is a myth
    • “Data lies, trends don’t”
    • “Make me scroll, I’m gonna troll” (re: infographics)

I would love to hear your thoughts on the topic as well

Photo Credit: yourdoku on Flickr

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