Social Media Top 5: Gawn Fishun’ (Google Plus) and Social Media Whores

“I’ve Moved to Google +”

I know I keep thinking I’m going to stop posting about Google +, but this annoys me a lot; people announcing they have left Facebook for Google Plus. I didn’t know it was a choice, and the market will lead individuals, not the other way around, no matter how popular the individuals.

If I see this image as a Facebook avatar, what am I supposed to do? If your hope is that I will drop everything and go to Google Plus, you are mistaken. That’s extra clicks, man! Entice me to come over somehow, ask me to try it out and add it to my social media daily flow, but don’t tell me to change just for you, especially when I’m already on Facebook.

Either you’re on Facebook or you’re not. Why even bother letting people know? Abandoning Facebook should mean you are gone altogether, shouldn’t it? As a social media professional, I can’t condone pulling up stakes when the new shiny social network comes along. However, I have been seeing a bunch of these images for avatars lately– so I’m on Facebook, I need to go to Google Plus to engage with you? How about I stay on Facebook and ignore you while you play on your (for now) deserted island? I, of course, play around on Google Plus – it’s my job to know how it works.

As for the avatar, why not just put up a “Gawn fishun'” sign?


On the Other Hand, I Found the Perfect Killer App for Google Plus…

…Cat Pictures! The integration with Google’s Android* operating system means I can share my mobile photos on Google Plus without doing any work– all photos appear in my online account automatically, and I choose, click and share. Cat pictures, here we come! Now, once people actually get on to Plus and start using it, it’ll be really cool.

(*Now I know how it felt to be one of those arrogent Apple fanboy jerks, smugly showing off their proprietary iPhone features to the unwashed. Don’t worry, Macolytes, Google will figure out the iPhone integration. Someday.)

See? Cat pictures like this I posted to Google Plus with one click:
Whoopie Cat


And grasshopper pictures too!


Who ReTweeted Me

I don’t write about every little tool out there, and there are many free tools as useful and worthy as Hubspot’s Who ReTweeted Me. It’s handy as a quick analysis of links you share on Twitter– who ReTweeted them, how many followers they have, etc. I’ve been fooling around with it.

The part that’s making many of us giggle, though, is the URL: (look closely if you’re not laughing- or appalled- yet). I suspect Hubspot did this on purpose as a secret research experiment to gauge the maturity level of social media marketers. I think the results of such a study would be damning.

New Candidate for Worst Infographic Ever

I have whined in this blog before about terrible infographics– ones that make us scroll down the page (why?) try to convey too much information at once (why?!?) and pack in so many visual elements that they induce migraines and seizures (WHY?!!?!??!). An idle web search turned up what may be the worst of them all (though I’m not sure the site that posted it thought it was so bad– why?). Who on earth thought this was helpful? And can anyone tell me what this infographic is supposed to impart? I passed out a quarter of the way through…

Since You Made it This Far, #5 is Easy:

Another Google Plus photo: (single) rainbow! From my son’s baseball game:

Rainbow at Newton South HS


  1. Jen Zingsheim

    OMG that infographic is epically bad. It’s enormous. Isn’t the point a visual representation that is *quick* to digest? Oy.

    Love the cat picture.

    Have a great weekend Doug!


  2. David

    WOW! I think the info graphic may be designed to be carpet on a really long hallway….by far the worst I’ve seen!

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