Pan-Mass Challenge 2011: This Time it’s Personal

It’s official; I have signed up to ride the 2011 Pan Mass Challenge, a two-day ride to benefit the Dan Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. This will be my 4th year riding. In the past I have simply stated I like to ride and this is a good cause. I don’t like to be part of the story or pull heart strings…

PMC2010 doughaslam kent mitch steve

2010 PMC

However, this year is different. In September, we lost my wife’s father after his long fight with cancer, and since last spring, my father has been fighting cancer as well.

So, this year, my appeal for help is a little more personal. I still enjoy riding, and the PMC is an impressively well-run event, but if the money I help raise means people will get better and better treatment- and perhaps, even helps find a cure- I am more focused on that than ever.

Me! PMC 2009 doughaslam

2009 PMC

People have been generous the last few years, and it comes time for me to ask again– please help by sponsoring my ride- 100% of the funds go directly to Dana Farber– not to administration, salaries or anything but straight to cancer treatment and cure. To sponsor my ride, please got to – and Thank You!

PMC 2008: Wally and Me

2008 PMC

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