Social Media Top 5: 140 Characters, PodCamp, New Twitter and Stupid Fight

Facebook Down?

This is a first to me- a Facebook service disruption on September 22. Just a reminder to have other ways of connecting at the ready if you are relying on a service- even Facebook- that you don’t own. That goes for people and businesses. What’s your backup plan?

140conf Boston 2010

140 Characters Conference Founder Jeff Pulver (photo by Wayne Kurtzman)

140 Characters Conference, Boston

As I mentioned in my last post, I spoke at the 140 Characters Conference in Boston on September 14. My topic? Finding your voice, in which I lay out several Twitter voice archetypes, and underscore the need to know who you are, be consistent, and be mindful of context. I have a more detailed post at Voce Nation.

Joselin Mane of BostonTweetup posted some nice backstage videos (including many produced by 140conf’s Alan Weinkrantz) at this link.

Also, a great set of photos from Wayne Kurtzman here.

PodCamp Boston 5

It snuck up pn me a bit, but this coming weekend, PodCamp Boston 5 takes place! I still have fond memories of previous PodCamps worth sharing:

PodCamp Boston 1 (2006) (This one especially was  trip for me to read again)

PodCamp Boston 2 (2007)

PodCamp Boston 3 (2008)

PodCamp Boston 4 (2009)

New Twitter- Good, but Lacking, a Little

So, New Twitter is slowly rolling out to Twitter’s users. Is this a gambit to keep people using the site so they can maximize ad revenue? Why not? I love the in-line media (photos and videos right on the page). It makes for a much more complete experience without having to click away. Why, however, does the New Twitter not parse links? That could be in the works, but I haven’t heard anything. Also, I still go back to the desktop client (I use Seesmic), to get the multiple-column view, which the “New Twitter still lacks.

Stupid Fight

My favorite new not-terribly-useful-but-fun tool is “Stupid fight, developed by Tom Scott. It compares the relative intelligence of the follower Tweets of two indicated accounts. I immediately compared my Twitter feed to that of my friend and Ford Motor Company social media lead Scott Monty, and was horrified to find that my Twitter followers are dumber than a bunch of Mustang-driving wahoos:

But wait! A day later, My stupid followers fled for the hills (probably following a flurry of angry but intellectually stimulating Tweets from the latest execrable Red Sox game), and now look. Take that, Ford Motor Company!

140 Characters Conference Comes to Boston September 14

Wow, it’s September already– kids are back to school, the beach and summer camp are but memories,- and the work-related activities are already ramping up.

Next week (September 14), Jeff Pulver & Co’s 140 Characters Conference rolls into Boston (at the Back Bay Events Center). 140, of course, is a reference to Twitter, though as has happened with PodCamp the topics will spill outside of Twitter into more generally useful communications advice, case studies and stories.

I am honored to be selected among the speakers– I will bother people for a whole 10 minutes at 2:30 pm on “Finding Your Voice on Twitter.” As I hinted above, it’s not just about Twitter (how can it be?).

What I am really interested in is hearing from the variety of other speakers, from:

That’s just a few– I left out a ton of fascinating folks (including many of my friends in the communications industry), but there’s too much going on.

Will you join us? I promise to be brief, and plan to learn a lot from everyone else there.