Pan-Mass Challenge Update: Speed Demons and Heavy Hitters

An overdue Pan-Mass Challenge update.

First off, thanks to many of you, I have met my minimum fundraising requirement ($4,200) for the ride in record time! With a full four weeks to go from last weekend, I think it’s worth sticking with and see if I can hit “Heavy Hitter” status; $6,300. There is time, and I think we can do it!

“Heavy Hitter” status has a little bit of prestige to it, but what it really means is an extra $2,000+ to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. 100% of the funds I raise with you goes straight through to the DFCI, which to me is one of the best parts of this whole venture.

So, let’s do it! If you have not sponsored my ride yet, please consider doing so at Thank you!

As for riding; we had been increasing our speeds on training rides lately, so we had a new challenge; average 19 mph for a short ride. We hadn’t come close before, but with a little push at the end, we (for this ride, my friend Ed and I) did it! some of the keys (aside from being in shape) were to draft each other (ride close behind in single file) to save energy, and then just give those little extra pushes along the way for a stronger ride. There are still four weeks to go  but I’m feeling close to ready.

This video captures a few highlights along the way (and a bonus “double rainbow” reference).

Pan-Mass Challenge- Speed Challenge from Doug Haslam on Vimeo.

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