Social Media Top 5: No Mobile Updates, Content Curation, Yelp Smarter than Foursquare?

Only 10% Using Mobile to Update Social Networks? Really?

That’s what the Pew Internet and American Life Project says, according to Andy Beal’s Marketing Pilgrim. I know I am in an early social media adopter bubble, but it seems to me that people are already Facebooking from everywhere, no? No, apparently. In one way this is a lesson in not assuming people are zooming ahead in adoption the way we might be ourselves. The other, I am tempted to say, is that Facebook’s mobile apps leave a lot to be desired and are a pain to use. I know the Android Facebook app is useless.

Content Curation

Over at Voce Nation, I stitched together some thoughts on content curation, based on a recent Social Media Breakfast here in Boston, but more so on my feeling that people are growing weary of the default “news feed” blog format and need to think a little more abstractly about how they present their content to serve their audience best. More over at the Voce Nation post.

Location Based Services? “Old School” Finds Relevance by Being, Well, Relevant:

I got this email a week or two ago from Yelp. Even if this is “random relevance” (how does Yelp know I care about Farmer’s markets? But I do!), random relevance (aka “serendipity”) is a big hit with me in social media. That’s how I stay *relatively* sane using Twitter and Facebook. This also tells me that old dog Yelp has a few new tricks up its sleeve in trying to gain some attention from Foursquare in the location-based services game.

Best Tweet Ever

My friend Adam Cohen posted this several days ago. I thought it worth saving here.

Fail Whale Over San Francisco

For those Twitter users familiar with the dreaded “Fail Whale,” this short video from Kosso gave a chuckle. I’m sure some of my Bay area friends have seen this in their nightmares:



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