Pan-Mass Challenge: First 2010 Training Ride

After a winter of spin classes and other workouts, my training group got together on Saturday, April 3 for an honest-to-goodness outdoor ride- our first of the year- in preparation for the Pan-Mass Challenge August 7-8.

We went a short but good 24 miles, starting out slow but increasing our average speed to 15 mile per hour before tackling a huge hill at the end– for good luck, or something. At the midpoint, we reached Dover Falls at the Dover/Needham (Massachusetts) line, and saw some of the effects of flooding by the Charles River from the recent 15 inches of rain we had.

The rides will get longer and faster very quickly, as the Pan-Mass challenge dates of August 7-8 loom closer every week. So does our fund-raising deadline. We are 40% of the way to our goal of $4,200. Several generous people have helped so far (including the Ban Asbestos Now folks, who are still conducting a drive for petition signatures, each of which means $1 to sponsor my ride).

To sponsor my PMC ride directly, please go to to donate. Any amount is welcome, and I appreciate the generosity of my friends, old and new, that keep us all pedaling closer to a cure for cancer

Pan-Mass Challenge 2010- 1st Training Ride of the Season from Doug Haslam on Vimeo.

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