I’m a SNCR Fellow

As the Society for New Communications Research announced this morning, I have joined an otherwise impressive group of new research fellows at SNCR.

Don’t believe me about the impressive list of fellows? Look here: http://sncr.org/fellows/.

The official description of SNCR is below. It is sufficient for me to say that I have benefitted from attending the SNCR Symposium in Boston every year, and am looking forward to becoming a more active contributor. It is an honor to be selected, and I want to thank the SNCR organization for selecting me to join this group.

In the coming year, I will be working with my friends and colleagues Todd Van Hoosear of Fresh Ground Communications, and John Cass of Pace Communications on a research project taking a look at the culture of social media across the enterprise, beyond the marketing and communications functions.

First Voce Communications takes me on, now this. I don’t think Groucho would be pleased

About the Society for New Communications Research

The Society for New Communications Research is a global nonprofit 501(c)(3) research and education foundation and think tank focused on the advanced study of the latest developments in new media and communications. SNCR is dedicated to creating a bridge between the academic and theoretical pursuit of these topics and the pragmatic implementation of new media and communications tools and methodologies.


  1. Congratulations, Doug! That’s fabulous, and well-deserved. I’ll be really excited to see what you, Todd and John discover in your research. SNCR is fortunate to add you as a Fellow.

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