Social Media Top 5: iPad, Bloggers Aren’t Writers (?!), Valuable Content, Experts & Droid

Apple’s iPad

It’s probably all been said about Apple’s iPad launch this past week, but I was particularly interested in the viewpoints of a few of my friends:

Steve Garfield concentrates on the limitations imposed on the device. He comes from the standpoint of a heavy video consumer who would like flash, as well as many other features that this 1st generation iPad lacks. Consider it a vote against Apple’s closed system and lack of features.

Christopher Penn finds one killer app and it’s…marketing. It’s a great presentation device, right? Only problem is I’m not at all convinced Apple had this in mind as the primary use for the new device.

Also, Scott Monty points out what the whole world is saying; the name is, well, perhaps not so well thought-out (no women on the marketing team?). I’ll let you click over to see the supporting photo and video. Valeria Maltoni weighs in with humor as well.

Say It Don't Spray It

Flickr Photo by fear_loathing13

No Money in Content? Uh-Oh!

Speaking of Valeria, a thought-provoking post from her. The post title is misleading. But when you read it, you see the great points she makes. It is true that content for content’s sake won’t do anything for you. Is there a strategy/audience/context- a plan- or are you spraying it instead of saying it?

Bloggers Aren’t Writers?

Rebecca Thorman sticks her fist into a wasp’s nest with that statement. I think the problem with the semantic back-and-forth is that the tool- blogs- doesn’t matter. A writer is a writer, and a hack is a hack. Some great writers blog, come “mainstream” publications have blogs staffed by professionals. Many professional writers are finding new careers in a shrinking print industry by blogging- for themselves or for corporations. Saying bloggers aren’t writers stirs discussion, which is great, but it does not make a great blanket to cover the issue of writers vs. amateurs.

The Real Definition of “Expert”

I have been a fan of Penelope Trunk for over a decade, and it was my pleasure to have her company, Brazen Careerist, as a client last year. Her post (a blog– by a writer! ;P) on “being an expert” struck a chord, as many of us in social media bristle at the “expert” term. But, we need to be experts to have credibility, don’t we? The message here that time, experience and a lot of work are more important than talent makes a lot of sense. I need to read her source material from The Harvard Business Review to make my thinking on the issue more than superficial.

Capsule Droid Review From User’s Perspective

Again with the gadgets. You can like or not like what you use, but I thought it might be useful to give my impressions of the Motorola Droid, from a not too-terribly techy user:

The virtual keyboard took no time to get used to. I don’t even use the  “real” one, which surprised me. It makes me think more strongly that virtual keyboards will become the norm as people get used to them (and we stop hearing new iPhone users crab about it), and the keyboards themselves get better.

The sound clarity is so great that I hate using my blue tooth and use speaker phone mode, even in the car. It’s that good.

Apps? I know the Android marketplace selection is much scanter than the iPhone store. However, as I am just getting started, most of th apps I thought to look for were there (Seesmic, Foursquare, Facebook, Qik, et al). I’m certain that by the time I become more app-savvy the store will be a lot better-stocked.

Battery? Could be better. I’m just being aware of having charging options available in multiple places (USB, car, outlet etc).


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