Social Media Top 5: Creativity in Big Companies, Geo-Location Useful? and Learning Droid

B.L. Ochman on Big Companies and Creativity

B.L. Ochman creates some of the most useful lists in the social media space. Her latest concentrates on the problems of big companies and why they don’t swiftly embrace creative endeavors like social media. To oversimplify things: bigger entities move more slowly. If you can break them down into smaller parts, you can create pockets of innovation. I think that thought is in line with what B.L. writes (somehow I think she will let me know in comments if I am wrong).

Social Media Use Skyrockets

Least surprising tidbit in this Mashable article is that Twitter and Facebook are leading the pack. The question for me is, is the upswing in social media use helpful to companies that want to start their own branded communities and programs? I suspect yes.

Geo-Location to Get Useful?

I have been fooling around with Foursquare and observing similar folderol over Gowallah and other services. The question that comes up a lot among peers is– how are these services useful for businesses? The question is probably best answered at its essence- is what about location works for your goals? Len Kendall has a thoughtful post where he takes on these questions. I’m looking forward to a year of experimentation in this field– I hope to get a piece of that action.

Digital Marketing Outlook

Scott Monty pointed me toward an optimistic report on the state of digital marketing. Granted, the Society of Digital Agencies has a vested interest in proclaiming the rise of digital (and, correspondingly, social) marketing in 2010, but if I can say one thing in my current job search, it’s that digital and social is where a lot of the movement is. I have looked through, and will dive deeper into the report– let me know if you do as well.

Playing with My Droid


Flickr Photo by evilsciencechick

I have just joined the legions of smart phone users with my new Motorola Droid. I’m most interested in how the experience in using social networks on mobile is different with a more sophisticated phone. I’m also figuring out how to use the durn thing (all tips welcome), so if I butt-dial you in the coming week I apologize in advance.

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