Personal Brand @ Work Panel

As a follow-up to my previous post on personal branding, I would like to ahare the first bit of the panel I was part of on December 9, at Dan Schwabel‘s Personal Brand @ Work event.

In this excerpt, I explain my approach to personal brand (or reputation) not only from a PR perspective but from a career networking point of view.  Also, we hear from Sarah Long and the HR perspective, and the “LinkedIn Lawyer,” David Barrett.

Thanks to Dan Schawbel for the excerpt


  1. DaraBell

    I disagree with Dan. I feel Tweeting during the day is irrelavant. Only a small handfull of people outside the Social Media community (industry) use Search dot Twitter. I feel you could Tweet it up all day if you have no job.

    Even some social media people are not using Search dot. He is at favourable time with personal branding and unemployment rate. I feel getting a presence on Linked In would better for personal brand and those disenfrachised by the economic shift.


  2. Dara, thanks for your comment. Actually, I didn’t make that statement up. Recruiters have told me that it looks bad on job seekers if they are tweeting all the time.

  3. Tweeting – or anything you do- during the day is only irrelevant if you do it without relevance. There are ways to connect value to your employer to Tweeting (perhaps even more so than LinkedIn in the right circumstances). I certainly can claim that, having brought in clients through Twitter, and regularly getting information through conversations that help me design and implement PR programs, as well as raise the profile of my company (and yes, myself– it’s a package) through spreading good ideas and being smart and professional (at least, I hope that’s the image I project).

    Your mileage may vary.

  4. Right, I just found it personally helpful, I was unemployed a few months ago Dan, I think you followed me on Twitter at the time, and I found an internship (I went for a real job instead) on Twitter.

    I feel in terms of a personal brand you need to have some presence on social networks perhaps you can protect your tweets as I did at that time.

    If you have to use creative means in the job hunting process ie Twitter, FaceBook LI, you will win. The recruiters who I encountered in my hunt respected I that I was proactive, they were in PR and tech savy, but you have to protect your tweets to prevent real time search.

    Some recruiters agencies are using Twitter you can find these on Twitter Search I think, I found a dearth of jobs on Linked In, join some groups there.

    Dougs point about relevance sums up what I have just said you have to make it meaningful, after all most social media people are tweeting during the day too, you just need to give it relevance not tweeting about football, about food and being unemployed, focus on job hunting.

    For more advice on making your Linked Profile relevent check posts made by Doug or Lewis Howes to move you up SEO, your brand. I did what I did in the UK which is behind you in the social media advancements. So I would protect Tweets if this strategy causes you anxiety, if you do not you will be left behind and your personal brand will not survive the recession. Hope this offers value as I hope it does.

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