Holding On to Your Stuff

There are tons of tools to publish your content that make it extremely easy to inform, entertain and reach people. What concerns me about these channels is that we don’t own them. The price we pay for “free” is often depending on what Dan York (http://disruptiveconversations.com) likes to call “single point of failure.”

If Twitter/Posterous/Utterli/Flickr et al go down, what happens to your content? Do you have a backup? Have you thought of it? I have, but thinking and doing are distinct.

Can you recommend these tools to companies to use for content and outreach if you are worried the content might disappear? I don’t know if people think enough about this- and also wonder if Posterous et al see a business opportunity in providing self-hosted versions of their tools to give companies more control.

What do you think?

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