Discovery & Experimentation: Setting Aside Resources for R&D

So- is the economy recovering yet?

The reason I ask is that the poor economy has forced business to focus on selling now! billable hours! and short campaigns! vs longer-term planning.

I believe companies need to devote resources to R&D to discover, experiment and stay ahead of where their industries are headed. My favorite example is Google’s famous edict that their engineers spend a certain amount of time on R&D projects, but it’s not just a technology thing.

Take PR agencies (please!). I have always said that all PR folks should devote time to read up on their clients’ industries. Agencies cannot stop there. They must carve out time to keep track of the rapidly-changing communications tools, and develop potential programs around them. PR agencies did not do this during the rise of blogs- otherwise, so many would not have been caught with their pants down (seriously- so many agencies were clueless about blogs in 2006 it was embarrassing).

Where is your R&D department?

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