Echo vs. Reverb Online

I have been whining lately about Twitter’s latest “ReTweet” feature, which lets you forward a copy of a Tweet you like. My problem? It sends ReTweets with one click; you cannot edit to add a comment to further the conversation.

This is the difference between “echo” and “reverb.” I’ll define echo as repeating the exact same thing, over and over. Great for pushing out links on Twitter and elsewhere, but they are exact copies; is anyone really talking about it?

Reverb is richer- you are adding something, making the original better. I like to add a comment, opinion or info when I pass along content I think is valuable. I wish Twitter had thought of that. Do you think of it when you pass along links and content (on Twitter or elsewhere)?

Note: I’m sure I’m corrupting the original audio engineering definitions, but so what. You can always use an analogy based on the leaves in the photo- they may be similar, but each has something different, and together they make a nice picture.

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  1. I’m going to agree with you Doug. I appreciate an easier way to retweet, and I admit I was initially captivated by the cool double arrow icon that appeared. But it isn’t as useful as it could be. I typically add my own 2 cents when retweeting. I guess for now we’ll have to keep copying and pasting. By they way, Twitter has a link on the sidebar to send in your feedback about the new retweet feature. Have you mentioned this to them?


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