Blog Experiment: Video Blog-Casting

Notice I didn’t call it podcasting? I’m not sure I want to set up a special feed for video subscriptions, but I am thinking about adding more video to the mix.

The challenge: I’m itchy about the visual piece of video. I think the visual element- even a talking head– draws the eye and attention better than pure audio. My aesthetic sense, however, cries out for something to look at other than my ugly mug flapping my gums.

So, here is my first experiment in how I might present video more regularly. As you can see, I showed my surroundings more than me- a trick I used in my Pan-Mass┬áChallenge┬átraining┬ávideos. I think I still have to figure out some technical aspects, but I will definitely do some more– with real content.

Blog Experiment 11-18-09 from Doug Haslam on Vimeo.

What do you think? What would make you watch video blog posts here?


  1. Doug: This is a question I think about this a lot, too. If you’re going to do video and it’s essentially a commentary or interview, what should the actual video be? I tend not to find unedited talking-head stuff a little dull–although I’ve certainly done that myself.

    At the moment for LiveWorld, I’m doing some video interviews at conferences and such, but then trying to edit them to just showcase the meat and keep the time reasonable (usually aim for 2 minutes max). Here are some of those interviews, if it helps:

    As for your experiment here, I think the approach is a thoughtful, but … the news of the car or road actually made it difficult to hear you very well. But, I did get to reminisce about the pretty leaves in New England in the fall :)

  2. Thanks Bryan,

    Regarding the noise, you are right. I have a thought to recording separate audio tracks to go with background video, but that makes more work, and I really want to do something more visual while keeping a “quick-n-dirty” production technique.

    It can be done. Perhaps not in the car.

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