I Love Hub & Spoke/I Hate Hub & Spoke


The latest shiny object of communications I am hearing about is "hub and spoke," where spokes of communication are served by a central hub of content.

I like the concept, in that it tries to justify another shiny object I have a hard time caring about; "lifestreaming." If the spokes serve diversified audience niches thru customized content, then I get it. Awesome.

If the spokes are different communications tools- for example, Twitter and Facebook serving a blog as hub- then you can’t get me to care.

Also- if hub & spoke means what I hope it does, then it really represents nothing new. Can you dress common sense in new clothes and call it a trend?

I guess you can.

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  1. Bryan,

    I did not attend Steve Rubel’s session, but I did hear talk about it. sounds like we are in agreement that hub and spoke works when approached with the right attitude. I do still have concerns that the way Steve presents things is in the context of tools rather than messages.

  2. Thanks Doug. Wish you were there. I presented an approach and strategy, which the tools support. I always say its about the trends, not the toys. :-)

  3. Steve,

    Thanks- for coming by– I wished I could have attended your session, it probably would have answered my questions before posting this. Your response here is the reason why I didn’t (originally) call anyone out for saying or thinking things I wasn’t sure of, and instead posed it as a question (or a wondering).

    My fear is, people will still take this and make it about the toys. Actually I would bet money on it.

    By the way, we just missed crossing paths– we were both on Aaron Strout and Jennifer Leggio’s Quick-n-Dirty podcast at the BlogTalkRadio booth (I was right before you and stood nearby with some other folks), but you were off before I could turn and say hello– next time…

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