Effective PR in a Social World; from Integrated Marketing Summit

This week, I had the pleasure of speaking at the Integrated Marketing Summit in Kansas City. First of all, thank you to Shawn Elledge and the crew for putting on a great event and being such gracious hosts.
One thing that was refreshing about this event is that I was among a lot of new people. As vibrant, exciting and knowledgeable as the Boston social media crowd is, it was really great to see people who weren’t drinking from the same water fountain (or bubbler, as we call it here in Boston) all the time.
I had the honor of presenting a session, “Effective PR in a Social World.” I took a broad approach, looking at PR as I have known it for the last 11 years, how social media is changing it- and what it doesn’t change. I also make the case for not “ghetto-izing” social media but integrating with the traditional ways of doing PR (or marketing, sales, internal communications, etc.).
I managed to record the session with a line-in to my Zoom H2 recorder, and synced it to the slides (which are thankfully few and wordless). If you feel the urge, give it a listen and tell me what you think of the topic below.
I tightened up the Q&A section since you can;t hear the questions anyway– in most cases there is enough context to follow along.
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One note: near the end, in a discussion of proper grammar and usage, I quipped “Twitter is kinda like the ‘rough draft’ of the universe.” That wasn’t part of the planned part of the talk, but it’s interesting that it’s the bit that stuck in my mind. What I meant by that was that the community corrects errors and bad behavior- but we have to live with seeing that rough draft and read critically.


  1. Doug,

    Thanks for this open-ended exploration of the convergence of Social Media and PR. You raised a really impressive range of opportunites and complexities in your presentation, and added a thoughtful point of view to the PR/Social Media dialogue for the participants of the Integrated Marketing Summit.

    Thanks for this presentation – it’s well worth a listen.

    Elizabeth Usovicz, Partner
    Integrated Marketing Summit

  2. Doug:

    That “rough draft” line was the zinger of your presentation. As much as I think that good grammar and proper spelling are important, I like that most blog posts aren’t perfectly polished. It’s part of the medium’s charm :)

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