Trust Agents- Works for Me

I have been shy about reviewing many social media books because I know many of the authors (I’m biased) and often find the books are full of things I am already doing (e.g. My head is too far up my own social networking portal). Danny Brown has a nice post with similar sentiments:

Trust Agents is different- in that I felt I got something out of it despite its meeting both above criteria. I know Chris Brogan quite well and co-author Julien Smith a little, and the book is nice for those figuring out how to use social media for personal and business advantage.

Me? I took what I knew of Chris from the past few years, as well as my own experiences, and read the book thinking of ways I can improve how I conduct myself online- to show more value to others. I guess the key is the absence of tools discussions and the more personal examples they use.

Trust Agents, to my surprise, works on multiple levels; I wonder if other social media “veterans” feel the same way.

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  1. I think you hit the nail on the head, Doug. Perhaps we need to approach the books with more of a “new reader” mindset. There’s no doubt Trust Agents is an excellent guide for online success, and told in such a friendly manner that it’s an essential read for anyone looking to find their way online.

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