Lifestreams? Feh. Life Branches? Better


Alternate title: Why I Really Hate Lifestreaming.

I have written recently about my skepticism towards the term "lifestreaming." My main beef? I think the trend of everything for everybody in one stream of info is going exactly in the opposite direction that it should.

I allow for variations in "lifestreaming’s" definition, but that is what it conveys to me.

The trend? A crude example: I used to put my entire Twitter stream through Facebook. That, to me, is a lifestream, but some Facebook friends objected. They don’t want everything. So, I found tools that worked to separate the messages I send to the two different networks. There are even tools to divide groups within those networks, though todate I have been too lazy to use them. Someday…

So what we need are not lifestreams but life branches; different channels with content for each segment of our audiences. Would that be so hard? I hope not.

What do you think?

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