Normalization of Social Media in Marketing (?)


I was flipping through one of my favorite trade magazines, BtoB, and taking in the latest issue as a whole, thought:

Is social media becoming normalized in corporate marketing?

There are still many "shiny object" articles focusing on tools like Facebook and Twitter, but there is a much stronger undercurrent now of how social media tools are blending in with the rest of the marketing functions, shown in articles about CRM and search.

What do you think- is social media at last becoming less special and more "core?" Why or why not?

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  1. Hi Doug,

    Timely question. Here’s what I’m finding:

    – When I ask social media experts at panels etc. for B2B examples of small-to-midsize companies using social media, the list is short. Or someone will point to a consumer business example that B2Bs could follow.

    -In a recent roundtable discussion of B2B marketing & product managers/VPs, one asked “Do my (geeky) technical customers expect me to be on social media?”

    Humm. Is social media is now normalized? It all depends on the size of the marketing budget and the team. Maybe I’m missing that great long, superlist of B2B social media examples…


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