Pan-Mass Challenge Heroes #14 – C.C. Chapman

This is an ongoing series profiling some of the people I believe to be the real heroes of the Pan-Mass Challenge: the sponsors who donate their money to fund cancer research.

I have just $1,400 left to raise as I write this, but I can’t get there without help from more people like these Heroes. Please considering joining them by donating any amount to

I’m a Happy Digital Dad

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C.C. Chapman is a man who is always excited about something. His infectious enthusiasm is not some sort of bogus cheerleading, but a genuine storm of positive energy.

You can see that energy applied to his personal musings at, but also in his life as a marketer at Managing the Gray, a music lover at Accident Hash, and, best of all, a dad at

Having known C.C. since the first Podcamp conference in Boston in 2006, the cynical side of me has not been able to put a hate on the relentless positivity– because it’s not fake.

So, no surprise that C.C. is one of the many who have sponsored me in the PMC. More from C.C. himself:

– Why did you sponsor me in the Pan-Mass Challenge?

I always like to support friends in any way I can and I think that the Pan-Mass Challenge is a great fundraiser so it is a win win situation for me.

– How did you first hear about the Pan-Mass Challenge?

I don’t think you can live in New England without being aware of it. I don’t have a clue where I first heard about it, but every year I have friends involved in it.

– Are you giving in the name or memory of someone you know who has had cancer?

My family has been effected by cancer, but because it has happened to more then one person I did not do the donation as a tribute.

– Name one interesting fact or story that makes you unique and interesting

Few people know that I’m a published poet (note: including me. Now I know).

C.C., thank you for sponsoring me. And thank you, everyone who has supported the Pan-Mass Challenge in any way. Please consider joining C.C. Chapman to sponsor my ride and fight cancer: Please feel free to pass the link to others as well.


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