Pan-Mass Challenge Heroes #13: Larry Lawfer

This is an ongoing series profiling some of the people I believe to be the real heroes of the Pan-Mass Challenge: the sponsors who donate their money to fund cancer research.

I have just $1,800 left to raise, but I can’t get there without help from more people like these Heroes. Please considering joining them by donating any amount to

Larry Lawfer

I have known Larry Lawfer, Founder and President of YourStorys ( for over three years in the “new media” space. More than most, he has represented the bridge from the quality and professionalism standards of old media to the mass (as in the masses) publishing and distribution of media in this new age of inexpensive, easy-to-get tools.

In other words, “new media” doesn’t mean the sacrifice of standards, and Larry’s media work has carried the standards, um, standard. More on PMC sponsorship from Larry himself:

I sponsor people, and you in particular, because of your passion to help, your willingness to sacrifice your time and energy, and the underlying
desire to give back to those who give.

I have been sponsoring people since the PMC’s inception, one reason why I
couldn’t jump on board last year. Yes I hear over and over from you, and
over again. This is what we marketing people do, right? (Note: OK, I can be persistent sometimes)

I actually have donated in the name of a close friend’s mother. She was an
absolutely wonderful woman who fought to the end. Ride well, my friend.

Larry, thank you for sponsoring me. And thank you, everyone who has supported the Pan-Mass Challenge in any way. Please consider joining Larry to sponsor my ride and fight cancer: Please feel free to pass the link to others as well.

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