Social Media Acronyms Are F.U.N.


Acronyms for social media proliferate, and tortured acronyms to describe social media practices have become commonplace.

That tears it. I need to do one. Here’s mine:

J- Jump in, the blogging’s fine
U- Understand your message, in case noone else does
S- Swearing in text isn’t as fun as in person
T- Trashing social media via social media is a curious sport
S- Serious conversation in 140 characters? Worth a shot
T- Tell jokes, if all else fails
O- Oprah is not ruining Twitter. She barely uses it. Move on folks
P- PR people are often only talking to each other in social media. That’s often ok
I- I Can Haz a Sense of Humor
T- Twitter? You won’t get it at first. Neither did I. Just let it happen

That wasn’t so hard. Do you think the basketball hoop picture helps? See, these tips will help you be "on target" with social media. Or maybe "nothing but (Inter)net." Or…

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