Pan-Mass Challenge Heroes #8: John Wall

This is an ongoing series profiling some of the people I believe to be the real heroes of the Pan-Mass Challenge: the sponsors who donate their money to fund cancer research. Please considering joining them by donating any amount to

Best known as one-half of the Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis (I won’t say which one) of marketing podcasts (Marketing Over Coffee with co-host Christopher Penn), John Wall (left in photo) has been one of the earliest and most enthusiastic boosters of podcasting for business and for fun (“The M Show”).

PodCamp Boston 3

John also blogs regularly (enough) at Ronin Marketeer, a blog that has dropped wisdom to me through 1970s comic book nostalgia, and practical advice such as how to drink at events.

Some more direct, PMC-centered banter from John:

– Why did you sponsor me in the Pan-Mass Challenge?

About 3 years ago I decided to increase the amount of my income that I gave to charities. I doubled my donations over the first two years, but I’m keeping it flat this year because of the economy. As a result I’m always on the lookout for events to sponsor that my friends are involved in.

– How did you first hear about the Pan-Mass Challenge?

I first learned about the event more than 10 years ago when my friend David Jaye told me about it. He said that the PMC is just like the Boston Marathon – doing the event is not that impressive. Training for the event? That’s very impressive.

– Are you giving in the name or memory of someone you know who has had cancer?

I donate in memory of my mother, who we lost to Cancer and my Father, a survivor.

– Name one interesting fact or story that makes you unique and interesting

In 2002 I ran the Boston Marathon as a fund raiser for the Franciscan’s Hospital for Children. I finished, but didn’t do as well as I had hoped, and ended up having my appendix removed a couple weeks later.

Boston Marathon Team

They are having a 5k road race on June 14th, I’ll be there and would love some company.

Thank you, John! And thank you, everyone who has supported the Pan-Mass Challenge in any way. Here’s the link for you to sponsor my ride and fight cancer: Please feel free to pass the link to others as well.


  1. Thanks John. I had you pegged as the smooth ladies’ man of the duo. Of course, this means if Penn goes solo, he will try to succeed as an auteur, but really only become a pale parody of a Chaplin figure, beloved only by the French. As long as he stays away from his script for “The Day the Ninja Cried,” we’ll be ok tho.

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