Pan-Mass Challenge Training & Fundraising Update; Getting There, But Still Need Your Help

Together, we are doing a small but significant part to find a cure for cancer. Please consider sponsoring me- at any amount- in the 30th annual Pan-Mass Challenge, an incredible 2-day journey through the Bay state the first weekend in August. You may donate at

Well, here we are in June. This is the month in which both fundraising and training kick into high gear. As I write this on June 11, my training mates and I have already done two 50-milers and a number of back-to-back rides. The video below is from a 43-mile ride on May 31. You’ll notice at the end (if you make it that far) that I suddenly realize that we’re about to enter June and there’s no turning back. I also have realized that I am in pretty good shape; I am feeling better physically after each ride, but I also know that I need to put in more miles to be truly ready for the Pan-Mass Challenge come August 1.

It is also the beginning of fundraising crunch time. I have been pleasantly surprised that I have kept ahead of last year’s pace, event though my minimum is $800 more than last year. However, the pace of donations picked up quickly last year, and in order to keep pace I need to continue to ask for your help.

Currently, my generous sponsors have me just under the half-way mark: $2,005 towards my $4,200 goal. Are those of you who have yet to join ready to help? Do I dare dream of reaching the PMC’s “Heavy Hitter” status by raising $6,000?

I cannot do it without your help. As you have seen on this blog, a number of fascinating people from all parts of my life have contributed to the PMC’s fight against cancer. Every dollar I raise goes directly to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. Will you please join? MY fundraising page is at

Pan-Mass Challenge Training; May 31, 2009 from Doug Haslam on Vimeo.

Note: the quality of videos might change for the better sson. I have replaced my Flip Ultra camera with the new Flip Ultra HD. I am looking forward to seeing how it works out.


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