Still Think the Media World Isn’t Changing?


I think every day about some aspect of my “new" media consumption habits, but I rarely put them together. Here’s a bunch:

– TV is all time-shifted. This started in the VHS age. I watch a bit less, too, as Web time creeps up

– News consumption is completely fragmented. No daily paper, but a glance at stories on a few favorite news sites, plus local community blogs, and the world-wide watercooler (typified by Twitter)

-Music? I still by CDs but am well aware that my son will never buy one for himself. My collection is all ripped to MP3 and streamed to my stereo. Video in the home will soon follow suit.

That’s just a few. Imagine what our parents said about the remarkable changes in their media habits (VHS? cable?)

Have you taken a good look at how your media habits have changed?

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  1. 1) I never watch an entire TV show anymore, just clips.
    2)I “watch” Bill Moyers’ journal as an audio podcast while at Pilates.
    3)News comes from Twitter, Google reader, odd assorted links
    4)I haven’t bought a CD in years. I listen to music by plugging my headphones into my computer, or plugging my iPhone into my Honda Accord speakers
    5) I am your parents. I was born before VHS and cable. I was born before TV:-)

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