Twitter vs. FriendFeed in Driving Traffic


One of my reasons for blogging is to experiment. What drives traffic and conversation? Which communication platforms are more effective?

One of my "experiments" is seeing what happens when my friend and very popular social media guy Chris Brogan ( links to me. In January, he liked one of my posts, linked it on Twitter, and my traffic went through the roof. Was the effect lasting? I’m sure I kept some people, though that particular post was pretty light (it mentioned Star Trek, a Brogan honeypot).

Last week, Chris linked to a different, more thoughtful post- but he did so on FriendFeed. The result? Very little traffic, but a few very thoughtful comments on Chris’ FriendFeed entry.

My thoughts:

– People use Twitter for discovery, passing around and checking out links, and leaving to follow those links is part of the deal.

– FriendFeed is built to foster on-site conversation, though maybe it just doesn’t have enough users yet to make an impact.

Anyone else?

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UPDATE: Irony of ironies, this post ended up on SocialMedian (I forget how, but it’s attributed and I have no issue with that). Judging by Twitter Re-Tweets (around 10 so far at least), and some conversation started over there, I would say it has gotten some traction. The irony? none of that shows up in my traffic. Fascinating.


  1. Great post! I’ve found the same thing – and I think that I prefer the result from Friendfeed.

    I must admit that I use social media more for interaction with others than for driving traffic.

    I find that when someone comments on my Friendfeed that they are more likely to tell others, and visit again in future!

    Thanks again for a great post!


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